OpenText - Preferred VDI Solution

During WFH, the virtual desktop infrastructure VDI solution, OpenText, was designed to provide remote access solutions for engineers, designers and others, allowing users to access remotely anytime, anywhere, maintaining the same work experience as in the office.


OpenText Products


Opentext Exceed TurboX (ETX)


Web-based platform that enables users to launch UNIX and Windows desktops and applications over the Internet  




  • Superior performance for controlling remote applications and access  
  • Provides a seamless experience for users, making desktops and applications running on remote hosts look and feel as if they were running locally.  
  • Provide IT with a central platform to monitor and manage user access to the system.  
  • Leverage the enterprise application environment to better deliver work and get things done quickly for optimal performance. 




Centralized Management

Centralize user management, view session activity, and easily deploy upgrades  



Optimal broadband usage and performance

Achieve bandwidth usage efficiency and accurate graphics rendering through ThinX protocol  



Highly stable and secure

High availability, load balancing. Strong encryption and data protection  




Hybrid UNIX / Linux and Windows environments  

Powerful remote access for UNIX / Linux and Windows platforms



Shared and collaborative features

Suspend and resume, session preview, super sharing 



ETX Structure


OpenText serves the world's leading companies