Kubernetes Professional Service

GAIA is the first CNCF certified hybrid cloud provider in Taiwan. We provide Kubernetes (k8s) implementation and configuration services; easy application migration and training; DevSecOps introduction; and a customer-oriented spirit to help enterprises fully understand the use of k8s also helping them to respond to the variable market demands through micro-services.



 Gaia achieved KCSP (kubernetes certified service provider) qualification registration.


Kubernetes Implementation & Migration

We provide implementation and migration services, whether it is Kubernetes service for major cloud platforms or your own cluster, we can provide you with complete architecture, budget planning and advice.

Kubernetes Training

We provide a complete training course to give you a better understanding of Kubernetes and its operation.

DevSecOps Implementation

Assist enterprises to implement DevSecOps, establish CI/CD to improve delivery speed and security, and enhance enterprise value with agile business model.


LFOSSU Officially authorized tutor

Webber Lin

Webber Lin specializes in planning cloud service architecture, Linux, Cloud, Kubernetes, Serverless, Golang, DevOps, and has many years of experience in these technologies, with the goal of getting more people to enjoy them through understanding.


He is authorized by LFOSSU to instruct the following courses:

1. Kubernetes Administration (LFS458)

2. Kubernetes for App Developers (LFD459)  


1. Kubernetes  (CKA) 

2. Kubernetes  (CKAD)

Weiyang Wang

With over 15 years of experience, he specializes in CDN, live streaming, cloud application firewall, high security and cloud migration related technologies, and specializes in using real-life metaphors to guide students to understand related technology concepts.


He is authorized by LFOSSU to instruct the following courses:

Kubernetes Administration (LFS458)


Kubernetes  (CKA)

Stanley Chen

With rich experience in cloud services, cloud application firewalls, and CDN architecture, they currently work as a consultant specializing in cloud architecture planning. They offer customized recommendations for different requirements and have a particular interest in researching and sharing Kubernetes-related technologies. Their dedication lies in empowering more individuals to learn and apply container-related skills in their professional endeavors.


He is authorized by LFOSSU to instruct the following courses:

Kubernetes Administration (LFS458)


Kubernetes (CKA) 

Weiyang Wang

 A cloud platform evangelist adept at applying various architectural aspects to cloud services, excelling in multi-cloud migration planning and integration. They skillfully incorporate the distinctive features of different platforms into their teaching methodologies.

He is authorized by LFOSSU to instruct the following courses:

Kubernetes Administration (LFS458)


Kubernetes  (CKA)






Through communication with the customer, we understand exactly what the customer needs and expects from the project, and provide customized services to ensure that the project is completed on schedule. 


  • Evaluate the existing workload and assess the level of maturity of the cloud local deployment 
  • Determine the size of the environment and resource requirements to ensure an efficient production environment 
  • Create a detailed plan outlining the infrastructure, system structure and overall requirement




A good plan helps companies get more done with less effort and improve execution. 


  • Develop a detailed plan that outlines the necessary architecture to support the architecture Conceptualize the physical server infrastructure to match the cloud servers and specifications 
  • Plans the cloud topology and strengthens cyber security defenses 
  • Develop detailed specifications for Kubernetes clusters and storage and network configurations 
  • Document operational requirements, including monitoring/logging settings, CI/CD pipelines, deployment policies, disaster recovery, and cost management




High level of execution to ensure deliverables. 


  • Iterate and determine the final requirements to execute on schedule based on architecture planning 
  • Set up cloud architecture including configuration of Terraform automated deployment, Kubernetes clusters, workload monitoring, and reporting (Prometheus, Grafana / KEDA) Installation, setup and configuration of software components (Helm, Kubernetes Operator)  
  • Build deployment pipelines, integrate monitoring/logging components and onboard cost management solutions (GitLab AutoDevOps, Kubesphere) 
  • Set up support channels and walkthrough maintenance protocols/processes




We are concerned about the future maintenance and technical support required by the business. 


  • Review that project results are in line with expectations and that ongoing IT-Ops / DevSecOps services are available for completion of milestones 
  • Ongoing maintenance to ensure maximum uptime 
  • Managing the Kubernetes infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking, and maintaining containers and images 
  • Consulting on optimizing workload efficiency and utilization as well as controlling and reporting costs to assist with ongoing security, maintenance, upgrades, updates and troubleshooting


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