Cyber Security

GAIA is the largest Anti-DDoS provider in the Asia Pacific region, with the most experience in network security protection. By providing DDoS protection, WAF, anti-network robot (bot management) and other services to protect corporate information security from leaks.

Cyber Security


Based on user access behavior and OWASP Top 10, etc., we can also customize rules and regulations to effectively defend web pages and provide the best user experience.

Robot/Web Crawler detection

Built-in bot features, you can add and search for distinguishable bots/programs by yourself, so that web operation is not affected.

DDoS Protection

Global multi-node, providing sufficient network bandwidth to ensure that the attack is cleaned from the outside at the first timing to give the best user experience.

Information/Cyber Security Inspection

We provide professional security solutions, including vulnerability assessment (VA), penetration testing, and source code analysis.


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