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Imperva Integrates Incapsula Services to Create the Most Robust Cloud WAF Defense.


The only one in the world! Named to Gartner's Leadership Quadrant for seven consecutive years







Instantly activates defense in 3 sec

Provides DDoS protection from layer 3/4 to layer 7

Provides DNS protection

IMPERVA integrated Incapsula comprehensive DDoS defense solution



  • Information security defense (DDoS): for customer websites to defend against DDoS attacks, by hiding the IP address of the customer's website, the end-user's website inquiries in site processing, direct absorption, effectively reducing the possibility of customer websites being attacked, so that the customer's website can be safe and stable operation, and to provide a complete solution to the security problems of user websites.

  • Website acceleration: In addition to the original server, the website content will be temporarily stored in CDN nodes around the world, so when users from different regions send requests to the website, users can get the service nearby and improve the speed and quality of service delivery.

  • Traffic scrubbing: The DDoS attack traffic will be directed to the filtering mechanism of the scrubbing center for website DDoS traffic to scrubbing clean traffic into the original host, and block malicious attacks and traffic, effectively resist all types of DDoS threats and maintain the normal operation of the website.


 Advanced cloud load balancing




Enabling advanced load balancing opens up more value-added services.


  • Support more than two source stations
  • Active-Standby support
  • Delivery Rules (Layer 7 LB)
  • Offsite server room load balancing (GSLB)
  • Source station health check  
  • Fault tolerance migration 

BGP Scrubbing

Border Gateway Protocol 



To protect the key infrastructure (such as Web, email, FTP server) in the whole IP subnet (subnet), based on BGP routing DDoS protection, BGP route announcement can be used to direct the attack traffic to the cloud scrubbing center, and finally the clean traffic is sent back to the original route through GRE Tunnel, so it can withstand a larger number of DDoS attacks. It can withstand more DDoS attacks.



  • Provide network layer 3/4 cleaning defense, can prevent SSH, FTP, Telnet, HTTP, and other services
  • Each cleaning node is equipped with the patented technology "Behemoth 2" top-level information security equipment, each with 440Gbps/650Mpps efficient cleaning capacity.
  • Class C segment protection with BGP route announcement.



 Edge IP

DDoS Protection for Individual IPs


IP-based applications (e.g. websites, DNS servers, SMTP servers) provide Layer 3/4 DDoS protection.


  • Terabit DDoS cleanup feature
  • 3-seconds SLA for effective mitigation of DDoS attacks
  • Real-time traffic monitoring and events, intuitive interface backend for user-friendly operation




 IMPERVA Defense Process





  • Signature
  • IP /ASN reputation rating
  • Behavior Pattern Abnormal traffic Access frequency
  • Access tool/BOT judgment 
  1. Cookie 
  2. Javascript 
  3. CAPTCHA(Graphic verification)


Bot Management 




Effectively detects bot activity, identifies the source and determines its nature. Allow useful bots (e.g. Google crawlers) or block malicious or unwanted bots (e.g. cyber-attacking bots)


  • Effectively protect the performance and security of websites
  • Avoid risks such as theft of company assets, credentials or system files and phishing.



ABP(Advanced Bot Protection) 



Protect your website, applications and APIs on mobile devices from automated attacks without impacting business-critical traffic.


Reduce business risk
  • Bad bots commit fraud through account infringement and affect businesses or steal product prices
  •  Advanced Bot Protection reduces adverse business impact and eliminates bad bot traffic
Deploy for your business
  • Transform the performance of your online business with Advanced Bot Protection protection
  •  Flexible deployment to meet your specific business needs
  •  Use Imperva's cloud application security platform or a connector to a popular technology stack


of the total site is Bad bot traffic



of total bad bot traffic is categorized as Advanced Persistent Bots

ATP(Account Takeover Protection) 



Advanced Bot Protection is one of the protection solutions used to identify and defend against malicious account infringement incidents by cybercriminals. 


  • Multi-layer detection to effectively identify malicious activity 
  •  Automated protection that continuously adjusts based on intelligent detection without adding any delays. 
  •  Out-of-the-box, intuitive interface for effective management. 
  •  High accuracy and low error.



API Security 




  • Protect your APIs with an automated proactive security model
  • Detect vulnerabilities in your applications and protect them from being exploited



 Total endpoint visibility
  • Enforce security by automatically generating Positive Security Models for each uploaded API Swagger file.





Automatic security verification

  • Security teams accelerate pre-production processes 
  • Teams keep DevOps ahead of the curve with automation







Assisted six financial institutions in defense, all with zero deficiencies 

FSC test

The FSC held a series of three stages of random tests to test whether DDoS attacks are effectively blocked when enterprises are attacked with different network attack techniques.


Example of defense for financial institutions.:


  • 2017 Two Tests conducted by the FSC
  • 2018 One hacker attack