Tb level DDoS advanced protection

Cerberus DDoS defense provides Tb-level DDoS protection, 10T+ defense bandwidth for mainland China, unique global exclusive support https, CNAME recovery with only one click setting, one time cost, to achieve the best savings.


Defense and acceleration in one step
Tb-level DDoS defense, providing China routing




For mainland China, we provide 10T+ defense bandwidth, exclusive defense for 8 lines of telecom, Unicom, mobile and education networks, supporting website and non-website business, suitable for various application scenarios such as financial, e-commerce, games, etc. inside/outside the cloud 


CNAME Restore

  • Exclusive global support for https  

  • One Click Setup, One Time Charge  

 Compared to the previous model where you had to pay for a single setup, Cerberus can save you the tedious setup process and save your money by paying only once.  

The same source site five domain names set up a charge once   

Five domain names of the same source site Set up five times charge five times 


Cerberus DDoS Protection Leading Advantages

Mitigating the risk of DDoS attacks

Independently serve various cloud and physical server rooms  

Global near-source scrubbing

By configuring DDoS high defense service for your server deployed in overseas area, the attack traffic suffered by your server will be automatically tracked to the nearest cleaning center (global level distribution) from the source of the attack to filter the traffic scrubbing, and have the exclusive Anycast IP of DDoS protection, and return the filtered normal traffic to the source server, so as to protect the stable operation of your business.  

by Cerberus DDoS Advanced Protection

Why Cerberus


✔ Localized technical support

✔ 7x24 monitoring