snyk - Find and automatically fix vulnerabilities in your code

Specialized in assisting enterprises to securely deploy open source, integrating with today's mainstream developer workflows, code control (e.g. GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab) and CI/CD processes, bridging DevOps and SecOps to provide efficient information security processes and rapid fix issues.

Open Source Security

Automatically detect vulnerabilities and accelerate fixing throughout your development process 

Code Security

Find and fix vulnerabilities in application code immediately during development.  

Container Security

Find and automatically fix vulnerabilities in containers at each point in the container lifecycle. 

Infrastructure as a Security

Find and repairing Kubernetes and Terraform infrastructures as code issues in the build infrastructure 



Developer-first Cloud Native Application Security

Recommended by developers and information security teams  



Detect vulnerable dependencies as you code in your IDE or CLI to avoid future fixing efforts and save development time. 




Work quickly with automated remediation 




Test your running environment to verify there is no exposure to existing vulnerabilities and monitor for newly disclosed vulnerabilities.



Provide reports and alerts to give visibility into the application security posture of multinational development teams in large enterprises  




 Customize security with contextual prioritization and licensing policies across the organization  



All developers are increasingly relying on OSS, which is the foundation for cloud-native application building but also a place of risk. snyk enables ISO teams to master OSS visibility and helps ISO and DevOps teams bridge the gap between each other in terms of technology, process and organizational structure.  


  • Developer-friendly and intuitive UX design  

  • Developer-friendly and intuitive UX design that can be used in existing developer workshops




Security Intelligence

The Snyk Intel Vulnerability Database is maintained by a dedicated research team, combining public resources, developer community and academic contributions, proprietary research and machine learning. 


90% of techies rely on open source components.  





Open source vision



Synk's open source vulnerability database is API-ready and can be easily integrated with other CI/CD process tools, reducing conflicts in the build process. Its fully automated capabilities help reduce risk by automatically providing you with the best vulnerability protection against new and unknown threats.  

  • Gain insight directly from the source code management and build process  

  • Manage the risk of open source vulnerabilities  

  • Resolve information security issues before they become threats