SOC - Information Security Monitoring and Operation Services

Gaia provides professional SOC information security solutions, offering comprehensive detection capabilities and 7x24 monitoring services to analyze global information threat and provide the best information security services for enterprises through tools to assist in vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and source code detection.

7x24 information security monitoring service  

Global information correlation analysis and comparison

Provide early warning notification and protection advice 

Professional information security team provides real-time advice and solutions

Advantages of SOC Information Security Service


7x24 uninterrupted collection of endpoint behavior  


Endpoint sensors are implanted continuously collect behaviors and activities on the operating system through the sensors.  



Artificial intelligence system assists in judgment  


Artificial intelligence system detects and analyzes the collected behaviors and procedures  



Respond to and handle related threats  


After discovering malware and malicious behaviors, use the online cloud approach to handle information security incidents  



Analysis by information security consultant team  


The information security consultant team conducts second-stage analysis and confirmation to find out the source of intrusion, related malware, hacker behavior, etc. 


 IBM QRadar Intelligent Analytics Platform for Information Security Incident Analysis

Leading in Third-Party Ratings (Gartner/Forester)






IBM QRadar, the intelligent analytics platform.


IBM QRadar remains leading position in Gartner's SIEM Quadrant for 11 consecutive years







Forrester report identifies IBM QRadar as the industry's best information security analytics platform 




SOC Information Security Detection

SOC integrates with IBM X-Force global threat intelligence to detect malicious intrusions and external connections in real time  

IBM X-Force Research is one of the world's most recognized business security research teams  


Real-time threat information


  • Autorun Trojans (Bots), Spam, Dynamic IPs  

  • Anonymization Services, Scanning IPs 

  • Malware, Cryptocurrency Mining  

  • Botnet Command and Control Server (BCCS), etc.  


Automated abnormal connection alerting and detection


  • connecting to external malicious relays  

  • Connecting to external anonymous services 

  • Malware connections  

  • Cryptocurrency mining behavior  

  • Spamming behavior  

  • External Scanning Behavior 



Information Security Health Consultation Service


Understand the vulnerability and risk of your network structure to prevent it from becoming an attack vulnerability  



 We have rich experience in information security consultation and professional consultant to serve you  

Health assessment

 Enterprises can understand their own weaknesses in advance and clearly define the plan for improvement and reinforcement  

Structural strengthening

Improve and strengthen the network and information security structure to reduce the risk of hacking or data theft  

Security monitoring

If there is any intrusion or abnormal events, we can provide immediate alerts and preliminary processing suggestions to reduce losses. 




Vulnerability Scan



Weakness scan is a tool to detect system maintenance and website security weaknesses early, and complete the weakness repair operation in time to avoid intrusion attacks through weaknesses. Evaluate whether information system and hardware security needs to be enhanced. 


Penetration Test (PT)


Penetration Test (PT) is a hacking service that attempts to hack into an enterprise's website, information system, equipment and other software and hardware to identify potential vulnerabilities, verify whether the enterprise's data and equipment can be stolen or damaged, and evaluate whether the security of information systems and hardware can be enhanced. 




Source Code Inspection


The primary audit method for program development is to identify known or unknown program weaknesses through source code inspection, and to reduce information security risks at the development stage through analysis and identification of test reports.