Tencent Cloud - Gaia is a platinum-level partner of Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud provides reliable enterprise office applications and massive data analysis, including cloud server CVM to reduce your hardware and software procurement costs and simplify IT operations.



The company's cloud services are based on the technical refinement of QQ, WeChat, Tencent Games and other massive businesses, from infrastructure to refined operation, from platform strength to ecological capacity building, Tencent Cloud integrates them to the market, enabling it to provide enterprises and entrepreneurs with cloud computing, cloud data and cloud operation in one cloud service experience. 



Feature 1 

Fast Enterprise Account Opening




Feature 2

Cambodia with Tencent Cloud



Tencent Cloud Global Infrastructure



Tencent Cloud has opened 27 geographic regions and operates 66 availability zones, providing powerful technical support to more enterprises and helping them to expand their business at a rapid pace. 


Content Delivery Network (CDN) Acceleration Nodes

By distributing the service content to accelerated nodes across the network, users can get the content they need at the nodes near them by using the global scheduling system, reducing access delays. 



China nodes


overseas nodes


Supports global acceleration for multi-scene business types


Download and distribution acceleration   

 Software packages, installation packages, upgrade packages, etc., a large amount of flexible bandwidth to ensure rapid download, a variety of brush first preheat solution to update resources  



Cross-border acceleration

Businesses that require cross-border acceleration, seamless domestic and foreign connections, intelligent navigation  



Static content acceleration

Stable and powerful static resource allocation capability for web sites, store platforms, and UGC communities, with millisecond-level response





Streaming media on-demand acceleration

Online audio and video playback business scenarios, combined with years of experience in online video operations, to protect the volume of merging, smooth and lag-free





  • 1100+ acceleration subsystems in China
  • 100 T + reserve bandwidth
  • Covering all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and CAP nodes for joint small and medium-sized carriers  
  • Tencent's high-specification & high-security self-built server room shared carrier services Tencent's expected network





  • 200+ speed nodes outside of China
  • 20T + overseas reserve bandwidth
  • Covering 50+ countries and regions outside of China
  • Peer with AWS, Azure and other international clouds, and good partnership with global Top 10 CDN vendors, 2700+ partner agents for on-demand scheduling



Cloud Streaming Services Cloud Live Streaming (CSS)

Large-scale concurrency, ultra-low latency, easy access, extremely fast HD, safe and reliable audio and video live streaming services


Cloud Streaming Services (CSS) provides you with extremely fast, stable, and professional cloud live streaming processing services. According to the different live streaming scenarios of business needs, Cloud Streaming provides three types of services: standard live streaming, slow live streaming, and fast live streaming, which target large-scale live viewing, high concurrent push streaming recording, and ultra-low latency live streaming scenarios respectively. We provide one-stop audio and video live streaming solutions. 


Streaming/Pushing and Pulling


Real-time effective stream processing


Global distribution




Live streaming data statistics and monitoring, etc

Live Event Broadcasting (LEB)

Milliseconds of ultra-low latency, providing viewers with a more extreme live streaming experience


LEB (Ultra-Low Latency Broadcasting) is an extension of standard live broadcasting in ultra-low latency scenarios, with lower latency than traditional live broadcasting protocols, providing viewers with the ultimate millisecond live viewing experience, which can meet the needs of specific scenarios with better latency performance, such as online education, live sports events, online quizzes, etc.


Millisecond ultra-low latency playback

UDP protocol is used to reduce 3-5 seconds latency to less than 1 second in traditional live streaming, while taking into account the core indexes of second start and jamming rate, bringing users the ultimate ultra-low latency live streaming experience.




Perfect functionality and smooth compatibility 

It is compatible with standard live streaming, including pushing, transcoding, recording, trimming, yellowing, and playback, supporting customers to smoothly migrate from the existing standard live streaming business.



Easy to use, safe and reliable

Standard protocol, simple interface, no plug-in required for playback in Chrome and Safari browsers. Playback protocol is encrypted by default, making it more secure and reliable.



Live Camera Broadcasting Slow Broadcast (LCB)


Live monitoring

Large-scale audio and video concurrent uplink, live real-time viewing custom solution with more price advantage 



Customized solution for large scale audio and video concurrent uplink scenarios. Slow Live is optimized for high concurrent push streams, combined with video AI technology, cloud on demand and other capabilities to provide cloud capability support for real-time monitoring, intelligent security, scenic spot live tours and other scenarios.



Powerful audio and video capabilities 

Slow Live supports clear and stable large-scale audio and video concurrent streaming; it also supports audio and video recording function by combining the capabilities of various video products, which customers can use on demand.




Extremely High Cost Ratio

In addition to providing more stable and clear live streaming capability, Slow Live is more cost-effective than the standard live streaming mode.





 Fast Configuration   

One-stop operation of the console, quick configuration of live push and pull basin name function, with live recording directly stored to the cloud on-demand service for playback, to meet the needs of multi-scene live streaming. 


Video on Demand (VOD)

Cloud-based one-stop audio and video on demand service platform to meet your diverse business needs

Cloud VOD supports multiple upload SDK, media management, media processing, video AI, data analysis, player SDK, etc. In just a few minutes, users can acquire and activate Cloud VOD service in the cloud, fully satisfying the multi-scene business needs such as low latency, high quality, high bit rate, multiple terminals, and video security.  


Video Processing Flow 


  • Video generation : use existing video as input, retrieve existing video as input, URL pulling result as input, stitching existing video as input
  • Get meta information : get video without message  
  • Content audit : identify yellow; riot, sensitive text, QR code identification  
  • AI analysis and recognition : intelligent labeling, intelligent classification, highlight clips, face recognition, voice recognition, text recognition  

  • Video processing : transcoding, truncation, encryption, floating watermark, cover, multi-code green