NS1 - World-class Intelligent DNS Hosting Services

NS1 is the only provider that offers on-premise and cloud integration, deploying a dedicated set of DNS in the client’s server room and integrating it into the NS1 cloud platform, allowing users to access services nearby, while achieving high availability and anti-attack capabilities.

Managed DNS


Dedicated DNS




Enterprise DDI



Managed DNS



NS1 cloud platform is distributed in 29 locations worldwide  

Including 4 nodes in China (Shanghai/Beijing/Qingdao/Shenzhen)    

Users can access services close to their location while achieving high availability and attack resistance





Dedicated DNS

Easy to manage, rock-solid assurance.     

Manage all Dedicated DNS and traffic management in the same cloud control plane with NS1's Hosted DNS and get the industry's best security and reliability solution: dual-provider, dual-network DNS delivery without the need for management.






Single network 

Physically and logically separate, and therefore secure. 

Your dedicated DNS solution will provide you with only one physically and logically separate network, and is not affected by any potential influence of other NS1 customers' DNS. 





Active Traffic Steering

Automate intelligent traffic routing through advanced user monitoring, performance monitoring and easy-to-configure policies to meet business KPIs (e.g. cost, usage commitment, stability, load balancing, etc.) while ensuring the best user experience. 


Multiple CDN switching

Multiple IDC switching


Digital transformation


Load balancing


Improve user experience


Fault tolerance and anti-attack



  • Fault tolerance and attack resistance to improve performance: Avoid network delays or packet drops that cause business losses   

  • Intelligent switching: Automate switching to reduce your operational costs   

  • User Experience: Enhance user experience by choosing the optimal route 

Filter Chain™ Features - Easy-to-Use Automation


  • Optimize your user experience with intelligent switching conditions   
  • We use all the information we collect as a basis for responding to users through a series of decision components, such as geographic location, and source server health status
  • Simply select criteria, no coding required