Google Cloud Premier Partner

The large-scale AI services from GCP is easy to use and is the cloud service of choice for many of Taiwan's largest enterprises. It provides powerful data and analytics services, highly scalable storage, also high-performance execution speeds to meet all industry needs.



Why GCP 

A Forward-looking infrastructure

The GCP cloud infrastructure is secure, high-performance, globally applicable, cost-effective, and continuously improved by Google members. Therefore, it is highly durable and will not be obsolete over time even after long-term of usage.



Take advantage of big data to find answers faster and create better products




Just write the code and no need to manage the server

From building prototypes and going live to large-scale applications, you don't have to worry about load capacity, stability, or performance.


Taiwan Changbin Server Room

 Google Data Center is located in Changbin, Taiwan, providing the most intuitive and high-speed connection quality for local users in Taiwan.




Google Cloud Locations Around the World


Availability Zones

Network Edge Location

Services across countries/regions


Stay tuned!

Google Cloud services will continue to expand to the following regions: Warsaw (Poland), Doha (Qatar), Toronto (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Delhi (India), Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Santiago (Chile) and Madrid (Spain).



Compute Engine

A cost-effective and scalable virtual machine that speed up computing, it can not only to run large in-memory databases, but also to build cloud-native applications. Secure and customizable computing service that builds and runs virtual machines through Google's infrastructure. 

  • Pre-defined Machine Types: Quickly begin sales with a pre-established and off-the-shelf setup
  • Pre-emptive machines: Provide affordable and short-term executables that can save you up to 80% on computing costs 
  • Confidential computing: Encrypt extremely confidential data as it is processed
  • Optimization advice: automatically provides recommendations to achieve optimal resource utilization



Cloud Storage

Object storage for businesses of all sizes. No matter how much data you have, you can store it in this space without any limitations on the number or frequency of data retrieval.

  • Unlimited storage space with no object size limits 
  • Anytime, anywhere access and worldwide storage locations 
  • Low latency 
  • Nearly 100% durability 
  • Off-site redundancy (provided data is stored in multiple or dual-site locations)



Google Kubernetes Engine

A secure, fully managed Kubernetes service with a revolutionary Autopilot operating model.

  • Accelerate application development while maintaining security
  • Simplify operations with releases
  • Manage infrastructure with Google SRE technology




Anthos is a managed application platform that extends Google Cloud's services and engineering practices to your environment to accelerate application refurbishment and establish operational consistency.

  • Build, deploy, and optimize applications on any system or environment with simplicity, flexibility, and security.
  • Deliver a consistent development and operational experience for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.



Serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective multicloud data warehouse designed for business agility. 

  • Make deep analytics accessible to all with a secure and scalable platform and built-in machine learning technology  

  • Leverage business decisions with data located in different clouds through a flexible multi-cloud data analytics solution  

  • Fast analysis of PB-scale data via ANSI SQL with no operational burden 



Storage and database

To become your application-specific object storage and database, they are not only scalable and flexible, but they also perform well in terms of performance. 

Data transfer

Provides online and offline data transfer solutions that allow you to transfer data quickly and securely.  

  • Google Transfer Appliance

  • Cloud Storage Migration Service

  • Google BigQuery Data Migration


Big Data 

Provides you with Google's fully managed data warehousing technology; batch and streaming processing technology; data exploration technology; Hadoop/Spark; and reliable messaging capabilities. 

Data Analytics

Providing a fully managed and multi-cloud data analytics platform not only allows everyone to access in-depth analytics results, but also removes the limitations of scale, performance and cost. 



Using the best of Google's artificial intelligence technologies to make your business run faster, smoother, and meet customer needs in innovative ways.  

  • Vision AI: With Vertex AI vision capabilities using AutoML technology, to extract deeper analytics from images in the cloud or at the edge, or use pre-trained Vision API models to detect emotions, understand text and perform other operations.  

  • Video AI: Delivers powerful content exploration tools and compelling video experiences.




 Easily train a high-quality custom machine learning model even if your machine learning expertise is limited.  

  • AutoML Vision: Generate in-depth analysis results with object detection and image classification in cloud environments or marginal locations.  

  • AutoML Natural Language: Decode the structure and meaning of text through machine learning techniques. 




Security solutions built for industry needs



We strive to help you keep your personally identifiable information, transaction data and payment data secured. Our products have passed several stringent global security and privacy standards (e.g. ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017 and ISO/IEC 27018), as well as industry standards (e.g. PCI DSS). 



Media and Entertainment Industry

Our products have passed a number of stringent global security and privacy standards to help you comply with industry frameworks such as the MPAA Best Practices Guidelines. 


Financial Services

Our products have passed a number of stringent global security, privacy and financial regulatory standards (including the AICPA SOC), as well as to comply with a number of industry standards (e.g. PCI DSS and Japan's FISC).   


Our products have passed a number of stringent safety and privacy standards, as well as to comply with relevant regulations under education and child protection laws such as FERPA and COPPA. 


Health Care and Life Sciences

We can help you ensure that your protected health information, EMRs and patient data are safe and secure. Our products have passed a number of stringent global security and privacy standards, and some are available to you under the applicable Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act business associate agreements.     



Government Agencies

We offer a full range of security features and do comply with various government regulations and codes, such as FedRAMP, the Health Insurance Circulation and Accountability Act, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the UK's NCSC Cloud Security Principles, Singapore's MTCS, etc.