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China's market is burgeoning. The fastest way to grow there is with Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud was born and raised in China. We are currently China's #1 cloud service provider. At Alibaba Cloud, we know what it takes to succeed in China, providing our customers with a range of cloud-based technologies and professional services, local expertise, access to the extensive Alibaba ecosystem, and unrivaled speed to market.



AliCloud provides cloud computing services to enterprises, personal developers and public sector in more than 200 countries and regions.


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  • 19 Geographical Regions
  • 56 Regions
  • Mainland China
  • Huhehaote. Zhangjiakou. Beijing 
  • Qingdao
  • Shanghai. Hangzhou
  • Shenzhen. Hong Kong



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Alibaba Cloud Products


Content Delivery Network (CDN)

You can use content delivery network (CDN) to deliver content to users from the nodes that are nearest to them, accelerating the response to user requests and increasing the response rate. CDN also resolves the delivery latency problem that is usually caused by distribution, bandwidth, and server performance issues. CDN has been applied in multiple scenarios, including site acceleration, on-demand streaming, and live streaming.



 Provides more than 2,800 nodes covering six continents and 120 Tbps of bandwidth, and supports major ISPs worldwide




 Supports multiple native features, including horizontal service scaling, customizable console, multiple APIs, and simple architecture scaling.



High speed 

 Supports a response time of less than several milliseconds, intelligent connection selection, and a backbone network with 10-GE NICs and SSD storage to ensure the smoothness of content delivery.





 Supports Pay-As-You-Go and other billing methods to achieve cost effective and high quality content delivery.





Anti-DDoS service is based on Alibaba Cloud's global scrubbing centers, combined with intelligent DDoS detection and protection systems developed at Alibaba, automatically mitigates attacks and reinforce the security of your applications, reduce the threat of malicious attacks.



Global DDoS Protection Network for Volumetric Attack Mitigation

As the DDoS protection system for Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS products have been deployed to scrubbing centers across the globe, serving as a secure network with over 10 Tbit/s total mitigation capacity. Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS mitigates around 2,500 DDoS attacks on a daily basis and succeeded in protecting against a DDoS attack of 1 Tbit/s.



Alibaba Cloud AI Intelligent Protection against sophisticated attacks

As an AI-Enabled DDoS protection system developed based on big data and machine learning, Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS can automatically mitigate sophisticated DDoS attacks and quickly adjust protection policies based the specific circumstances of an attack. This can help you effectively lower operations and maintenance costs and ensure the stability of your businesses.




Anti-DDoS Premium

Anti-DDoS Premium diverts network traffic to the Alibaba Cloud global Anti-DDoS network through DNS resolution, mitigates volumetric DDoS attacks and resource exhaustion DDoS attacks.


  • High-speed BGP network 
  • Resist 2T traffic in China 
  • Full line encryption 
  • Support application layer HTTP Layer7


Tbps Level of protection

Anti-DDoS Premium employs global distributed scrubbing centers to provide a protection bandwidth of more than 10 Tbit/s globally.

Comprehensive Protection

Anti-DDoS Premium provides protection at the network, transport, and application layers to mitigate a large variety of attacks.


Original Server Protection

Anti-DDoS Premium provides IP masking for real original server IP addresses and re-inject clean traffic back to Alibaba Cloud ECS, EIP, SLB, and WAF by adopting reverse proxy.


Original Server Load Mitigation

 Anti-DDoS Premium reuses connection sessions without any information loss to reduce the workload of the original server and improve efficiency. 




PolarDB is a cloud-native relational database.

PolarDB is designed for business-critical database applications that require fast performance, high concurrency, and automatic scaling. You can scale up to millions of queries per second and 100 TB per database cluster with 15 low latency read replicas. PolarDB is six times faster than standard MySQL databases, and delivers the security, reliability, and availability of traditional commercial databases at 1/10 the cost. PolarDB embodies the proven database technology and best practices honed over the last decade that supported hyper-scale events such as the Alibaba Double 11 Global Shopping Festival. 


Top performance and quick response to a sudden load

PolarDB decouples compute and storage resources, giving it 6 times faster than standard MySQL databases in high concurrency scenarios. The compute and storage nodes are optimized to increase resource utilization rate. A single node can handle up to 1 million QPS and takes less than 5 minutes to be added.



Large storage capacity

PolarDB supports up to 100 TB of data. You can scale out an instance up to 16 nodes and each node supports up to 88 vCPUs. PolarDB also automatically adjusts the storage space based on your requirements. Fees are charged based on the storage that you use, helping you lower development costs.



High stability and data security 

PolarDB uses the ‘one primary node, multiple replicas’ architecture, in which all read/write and read-only nodes of the same instance access the same replica, greatly reducing storage costs. PolarDB also supports active/standby switchovers to prevent data loss and data inconsistency caused by asynchronous replication. Read-only replicas can be created within minutes to back up and restore data. 



High compatibility

PolarDB is fully compatible with MySQL. You can migrate data to Alibaba Cloud without modifying the code. PolarDB will soon be fully compatible with the PostgreSQL and Oracle engines.




China Gateway


China's market is burgeoning. The fastest way to grow there is with Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud was born and raised in China. According to IDC, Alibaba Cloud is solidly positioned as the No. 1 cloud computing service provider in China. At Alibaba Cloud, we know what it takes to succeed in China, providing our customers with a range of cloud-based technologies and professional services, local expertise, access to the extensive Alibaba ecosystem, and unrivaled speed to market. Your gateway to China and its 500+ million online shoppers. 



Leveraging Alibaba Ecosystem to Improve Business Performance

Cainiao Network, the intelligent logistics division of Alibaba Group, has become a leading logistics technology company in China. 




 As the most influential financial technology company in China, Ant Financial Services is committed to providing complete and comprehensive financial services at a global level.


Gode Maps, the mapping subsidiary of Alibaba Group, is also a leading provider of digital mapping, navigation and location solutions.   


 The AU+ data intelligence and marketing platform has assisted 1.65 million applications and 7.6 million websites (by the end of 2018).