Cloud Computing

GAIA represents the most complete cloud computing and storage services, with a professional integrated technology team. We provide cloud storage, cloud colocation, database, AI intelligence, big data and other professional cloud services to introduce the most comprehensive cloud computing for enterprises.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Storage

Unlimited cloud space to store your data in the most cost-effective way.

Cloud Co-location

Consolidate multiple virtual and physical cloud servers on a network and use it to manage applications or websites for greater flexibility and scalability.

Cloud Computing

Create and run virtual machines on cloud infrastructures. Easily start large computing clusters on cloud infrastructures and deliver strong performance consistency.


Store and retrieve any information in the cloud at any time, including service site content, store data for archiving and disaster recovery, or download large data mappings for user distribution.


The cloud database provides high performance, scalability and convenience. Hosting on the cloud platform provides the database foundation for applications running anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI provides modern machine learning services with customizable models to suit your needs. They are fast, scalable and easy to use.

Big Data

Provides proven Big Data solutions that allow you to capture, process, store and analyze data within the platform.


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