Digital Currency Blockchain Management Platform

Digital Currency Blockchain Management Platform


 Gaia & 3rd parties partner work together to develop using Alchemy Blockchain API & Node Infra.









Web 3.0 assets management dashboard in preview stage, now using AWS CLI、AWS CloudFormation &  Amazon CloudWatch logs.







Asset management system for debug toolkit for builders.


  Digital Currency and SOC (Security Operations Center) Cybersecurity Monitoring and Operations Services.  

Security Operation Center

  • Account and Password Theft Behavior Detection 
  • Hacker Intrusion Behavior Detection  
  • Host Malicious Behavior Detection  
  • Application Service Attack Detection  
  • APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Virus Behavior Detection  
  • Hacker Infiltration and Trend Analysis  
  • Detection of Abnormal Online Behavior
  • Case Notification  
  • Incident Response and Tracking  
  • Case Closure Analysis


Efficiency, Customization, Security

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Modular functionality, easily navigate the on-chain world of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, DAOs, and DeFi while ensuring security and compliance!

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Why KryptoGO 



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Selecting functional modules to achieve anything you want (in applications such as NFT, DeFi, Wallet, Gaming, Web2, etc.), making an app as simple as going to the market to buy vegetables

High security

Verified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, the eKYC verification feature is compliant with domestic and international regulatory requirements, ensuring immediate compliance upon implementation


Highly beneficial

Solve your business problems within one month and at an affordable price. Your business challenges will also be addressed by KryptoGO through technical solutions